I’m a 3D Video Game Developer. I have a thing for Cubes and Voxels.

Contact Me At : public@maxqia.com


Experimental Video Game Engine

(source code available upon request)

  • Project to learn OpenGL and design a basic Video Game Engine
  • Written in C++ using OpenGL for Rendering
  • Based on the Bullet Physics Engine
  • Learnt about Event Loops, 3D Rendering, Input, and GUI design for this Project
  • Compiled into JavaScript using Emscripten and WebGL for Cross-Platform Support
  • Applied self taught knowledge of linear algebra to build it

Click for a Live Demo (click to fire a block, WASD, space to go up, shift to go down)

Remotely Controlled Wi-Fi Car


  • Built on top of an existing hardware kit
  • Control Electronics built on a breadboard with an ESP8266 microcontroller and a LN298 motor controller board
  • Software Written in C++ on the Arduino Platform for the ESP8266
  • Controlled with UDP packets sent over WiFi
  • Debugged Network Problems with WireShark to Decrease Latency of Controls

Block Thingy

A Small Little Demo That I Made to Learn Unity

  • Written using C# Components in Unity3D
  • A Very Inefficient Screensaver
  • Used Physics Raycasts to figure out where to put new cubes
  • Compiled for Unity’s WebGL Platform

Click for a Live Demo (click things to spawn new cubes)

Minecraft Server

  • Setup and Maintained many Minecraft Servers
  • Ran off and on, at home and on many different platforms and cloud services
  • Wrote custom plugins for extra features such as cutting down trees from the top down and Double Jumping
  • Configured Plugins to work together and with MySQL
  • Setup Permissions System with Roles and Name Tags

Minecraft Plugins

Contributed Many Changes to Publicly Available Plugins

DoubleJumpMinus – my fork of DoubleJumpPlus – link

  • Added Double Jumping to get Around Lobbies Faster
  • Added a Ground Pound Effect
  • Spawned Particles for Greater Effect

PoreRT – Java Binary Compatibility Layer


  • Helped Write a Compatibility Layer Between Two Minecraft Modding APIs (Bukkit and Sponge API)
  • Used the ObjectWeb ASM library to transform Java Bytecode for better compatibility with plugins that used Java’s Reflection capabilities
  • Setup a Jenkins server to automate Testing and Building
  • Contributed Changes to the Sponge API to make it more feature-complete
  • Publicly Released, with 30+ stars on GitHub


  • Developed a Client/Server Node.js and React app to help transfer files
  • Designed a Network Protocol using WebSockets and WebRTC to quickly identify and connect clients using a Camera and a QR Code
  • Written in TypeScript, compiled with WebPack, and run in Node.js with Testing done with Mocha
  • Deployed on Linode Cloud using Docker and k3s (lightweight kubernetes)


ESP8266 Garage Door Opener

  • ESP8266 Garage Door opener programmed in Arduino IDE
  • Wrote a simple Front-End UI that did a POST request when the button was pushed.
  • Built on breadboard with a solid state relay and modded into my original garage door opener